Business Lighting Potentials

Application areas

LED light sheets for a better life

Information sign lighting

The information sign system consists of signs that guide people to particular places or locations. Lighting up such systems captures people’s attention and makes the navigation easy. Illuminated signs perform their function as part of the design as well.

Example of how the opal acrylic light diffusing sheet illuminates navigational signs inside the airport

Product selection

We recommend choosing Lumaire Wayfinding for the information signs lighting. The LED acrylic light diffusing sheet’s composition makes it particularly suitable for illuminating such systems. We used this solution for the airport lighting that you see below. Here, LED sheet panels also complement the space and create a comfortable environment.

opal acrylic light diffusing sheet

Shop display lighting

Make your clients adore you. Reinforce your image with Lumaire shop lighting solutions. Choose shop lighting that provides your customers with longed experiences. 

Product selection for shop lighting

For shop lighting, we recommend using Lumaire Textile LED panels. It radiates elegance and style. The luminous fabric gives exceptional vibes of luxury.

Business lighting example with textile LED panel

Business lighting

All-round business lighting solutions with Lumaire LED light sheets. Make your ideas lit. For exquisite product and brand lighting, Lumaire guarantees exceptional resolution and easy application. By choosing Lumaire, you create moments, not just images.

Example of how advertisement panels looks like without business lighting
Business lighting example of illuminating advertisement panels with Magnetic LED light sheets

Product selection for business lighting

For your business lighting, we recommend Lumaire Magnetic LED sheet panels that offer convenience and class. The ease of use and quality design makes this product so appealing for businesses’ use. With one click, you can change the print inside the panel and create hundreds of new images that suit your business lighting.

Image of how the product display looks like without business lighting
Business lighting example of illuminating product display with basic LED panel

Ultra thin-perfect LED panel for every design

Lumaire Basic is like no other LED light panel in the industry. Every detail in it serves for the purpose to make you unique. The exceptional simplicity is the key that unlocks yet unknown dimensions to every design and every business goal. You can use Lumaire Basic as display lighting, product lighting, interior lighting, and so much more. In fact, its’ application comprises so many areas that it becomes a part of the image you create. Become a concept people look up to because we inspire through light.