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Lumaire is a LED panel company based in Lithuania. We are the only such manufacturers in the country, providing businesses, public sector, and private clients with the lighting solutions. We produce LED light sheet panels, offer lighting design services, and carry out projects that prove to be timeless.

60 000

sq. m of patent acryl used to make your lighting better

887 415

meters of LED strip used to illuminate your moments

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hours of work amongst the best colleagues

About Lumaire

Dedicated to you

The LED light sheets we make are all about people; about their comfort, convenience, and image. It’s a product that gets its way to the market for its versatility.

As the LED panel manufacturers, we focus on multifunctionality, convenient use, and broad application. Lumaire LED panel company stands for those who seek difference. We provide solutions to your individuality.

Patent formula

The LED panel is a framed acrylic sheet lit up from the sides with the LED strips. It either envelopes an image printed on a backlit, textile, or PVC or serves as a light source, like Lumaire Basic.

We use patent organic glass – acryl, to create an LCD effect with a light scattering coefficient up to twice as high as any other LED light panel on the market. This formula grants us with refined resolution. Elegant design and light structure serve to unique lighting solutions.

Lumaire ain’t just LED panel manufacturers, we own the process from start to finish, and we guarantee our clients the utmost quality.


Protective partitions

Lumaire, in its production, has recently included protective partitioning panels made of organic glass – a strong thermoplastic with good optical properties. These partitions provide protection on desks and tables at offices, schools or restaurants and other co-spaces without reducing the ingress of light on the surface.