LED panel Manufacturing Process

Lumaire Manufacture


Before we start the manufacturing process, we carefully select materials of only the highest quality. Then, the materials are prepared for production.

Firstly, the automated laser systems cut the packaging materials that will wrap up the led light sheets. Later, using the same laser technology, we cut out the reflector, and both the protective and acrylic sheets. The mechanisms accurately recreate the outline of each detail. Profiles that are made of metals are cut by using metal cutting machines.

After preparation, the assembly process begins.

A closer look

LED panel manufacturing process

Lumaire are the only such LED panel lighting manufacturers in Lithuania.

Our production formula ensures unparalleled results that open the ways to master the light.


Each panel is assembled by the hands of our employees.

The main element of the panel composition is the patent acrylic sheet, which increases the scattering of the light, which in turn ensures higher resolution and balanced intensity.

A part of the LED panel manufacturing process is to embed the LED strips. We put them inside the aluminum profile that frames the panel. The LED strip is powerful enough to light up the entire acrylic sheet’s surface. After the LED strips are in its place, we lay the reflector, the protective cover, and fix the structure with metal screws.

We test each LED panel, confirm the quality of the product, and send it to you with pleasure.

To protect panels from damaging them during transportation, we wrap them up in Lumaire brand packaging.