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Lumaire Textile

An example of the structure of luminous textile panels

Lumaire Textile

Luminous Textile panels is a choice of luxury. The exceptional design leaves no doubt that luminous textile is the best for an exquisite image and brand lighting. Lumaire Textile LED sheet panel frames your desired image, the patented acrylic formula ensures twice higher light scattering coefficient.

  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive

  • CE certificate

  • Recyclable components

  • Energy rating

  • Frame thickness is just 23 mm single sided
  • Brightness up to 11000 lx on the surface depending on the size
  • Single and double sided
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide application possibilities, from interior design to signage

Layer by layer

Lumaire Textile Structure

The composition of the Lumaire Textile panel consists of a patent acrylic sheet,
a reflector (or a diffuser, if it’s a two-sided design) and a specific textile fabric
with your wanted image. The LED strips are embedded inside the frame.

luminous textile panels

Textile one-sided

One-sided LED Lumaire Textile panels emit light with the front surface. By choosing a one-sided design, you will enjoy high-quality elegance and a thin 23 mm thick panel.

luminous textile panels

Textile two-sided

Two-sided Lumaire Textile emits light with its whole surface. Use 2x  more chances to stand out. The diffuser in the luminous textile panels makes the image visible from both sides. Two-sided LED panel is 50 mm thick.

luminous textile panels

Textile two-point cable fixation

One of the Lumaire Textile installation options is cable fixation.

luminous textile panels in a portable stand

Textile installation options

Lumaire Textile installation can either be portable or stationary. With the mobile stand, the LED light sheet can be moved from one place to another. Other fixation includes cables or screw mounting. Textile panels on a stand are available in sizes up to 1 800 cm high and 100 cm width.

Lumaire Textile panel one-sided
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Main material

Clear acrylic (PMMA)

LED tape power


Frame thickness

23 mm S.S, 50 mm D.S

Luminous efficiency

up to 160lm/W

IP rating

IP 20

Colour temperature

3000K 4000K 5000K 6500K

Maximum size

5000x1250 mm


> 50,000 hours

Operating temperature

-30°C ~ + 40°C

Power supply

DC 12V / 24V / CC Adaptor

Working voltage

DC 12V / DC 24V / CC

Input voltage

AC 100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz

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