The revolution of led panels

LED Panel applications

POS display

Lumaire LED light panel allows you to illuminate any surface, so your product will be eye catching and will stand out from the surroundings.

Shop fitting

From wall or accent lighting to window display. Different types of Lumaire LED panels are a perfect solution for retail lighting to provide a specific mood and solid look.


Ultrathin Lumaire Basic is an excellent light source for slim light boxes, stencil cut light boxes or other types of signage starting with 20-30mm depth.


Versatility of the Lumaire LED panel is the main aspect to bring your ideas to life.



LUMAIRE LED light frames

Lumaire has been manufactured with the end user and customers in mind. It is not a product that has been designed first without a thought for applications or customers’ requirements. Lumaire is meant to display graphics, prints and posters and they will create “static LCD” look-alike effect. The technology behind Lumaire benefits from having a display sheet of special acrylic placed onto.

It actually enhances the light emittance and renders the light output nearly double that of competing LED light panels. Lumaire allows for our customers to use less raw materials, create slimmer and more elegant designs and reduce weight, which in turn saves time for labour when installing.

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